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On August 10th, the Freightos Baltic Index released by Baltic Shipping Exchange and Freightos showed that while the freight index of other routes hardly changed, the shipping price of China/Southeast Asia-North America West Coast and China/Southeast Asia-North America East Coast continued to soar, with the former price being $18,555/40 feet and the latter price being $20,636/40 feet. From the index point of view, the shipping price of China/Southeast Asia-the east coast of North America broke $20,000, up by more than 500% compared with the same period of last year.
Have you thought about upgrading your minimum standard asphalt shingled roof, but aren’t sure which roofing material is best for your needs? Stone-coated steel roofing is growing in popularity, so you may be wondering if it is the right choice for your property. At CMR Construction & Roofing, we provide high quality commercial and residential services including roof installation, repair,
Metal roof installation techniques vary greatly depending on the fastening system selected.
Metal roof installation techniques vary greatly depending on the fastening system selected. For single skin roofing, there are three different fastening systems to consider: concealed, exposed and standing seam.
As an indispensable building material in buildings, the quality of metal tiles directly affects the stability and safety of the building. Currently, the roof tiles that are used more frequently in my country’s construction include asphalt shingles, color steel tiles, and color stone metal tiles.
What is a metal tile? Metal tile is a new type of roofing material made of 3003 series aluminum-manganese alloy and modified asphalt base through high temperature and high pressure. It is a green building material that meets national environmental protection standards and is currently widely used in the market.
Due to its excellent quality, good rainproof performance, beautiful appearance, durability, and ease of mechanized mass production, metal tiles have quickly become widely welcomed and widely used.
Metal tile is a new type of material in the building materials industry, but its domestic development speed is faster than many other traditional building materials. Metal tile can develop so rapidly in the industry, what are its advantages?
The metal tile is made of high-quality aluminum-zinc-plated steel plate, and will not fade. The metal tiles are beautiful in appearance, rich in color, and not easy to fade. After being paved, the building roof can have a smooth curve, an orderly layered sense of unevenness and a heavy sense of natural stone, thereby enhancing the decorative effect of the roof and realizing the roof and the wall. Harmony between architecture and environment.
When the construction industry chooses some building materials, in addition to understanding the performance characteristics of the product, it also needs to see what advantages it has in the course of use? The characteristics of metal tiles in actual use are very obvious.
Compared with traditional tiles, metal tile products show its unique characteristics in many aspects. For example, it is more convenient to control the cost price. At the same time, we can see the advantages of this type of product. More shapes, models and specifications are also more abundant, so it can also give people more freedom when choosing.
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